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Creating a Legacy, Enriching Lives

Through Legacy funding, Viking Library System and member libraries sponsor rich and varied arts, history, and cultural programs in the region. In an effort to eliminate barriers and expand access to arts, history, and cultural experiences, the events are offered at no cost to participants.

Programs are held at public libraries or other venues in the region in partnership with local organizations, allowing residents to take part in cultural opportunities in their own communities.

Viking Library System strives to sponsor high-quality programs by bringing established artists and speakers to the area. As a region with deep roots in the visual, performing, and literary arts, efforts are also made to feature local talent. There are also unique programs that take place in the state, but outside the region; their demonstrated value is recognized by using Legacy funds to provide transportation to these events.

Viking Library System sponsors local library programs, plans larger-scale regional programs, and works cooperatively with other regional public library systems on state projects. Input from VLS member libraries drives programming to meet the needs and interests of their communities.

Viking Library System aims to introduce library users of all ages and backgrounds to arts, history, and culture and to nurture a new audience of arts supporters, with the ultimate goal to enrich the lives of residents of west central Minnesota.

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Click the image above to learn more about the Minnesota Legacy Amendment and Libraries.

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