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PIN Frequently Asked Questions

All Viking Library System cardholders are required to use a PIN in addition to their library card number when logging in to the online library catalog and MNLINK to place holds or check their account.

What is a PIN?

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. A PIN is a 4-digit number that provides an extra level of security when using your library card to access your account on the online catalog.


Do I need my PIN to use my library card?

Not when checking out at the service desk or using a library self-check machine. You will need to enter your PIN along with your library card number when placing holds or checking your account on the online catalog or MNLINK.


What is my PIN?

Unless you chose a different 4-digit PIN when registering or updating your information at your local library or reset your PIN (see answer to next question below), your PIN is automatically set to the last 4-digits of the primary phone number listed on your library card record.


What happens if I forget my PIN or I want to change my PIN?

To reset your pin, go to the online library catalog and click “Log In." A box will pop up asking you to enter your Borrower ID and your PIN. The box will also contain a "Forgot your PIN?" link. 


When you click on the Forgot your PIN? link and enter your library card number, an email message containing a PIN reset link will be sent the email address listed on your library card record. 


A library staff person can also help you reset your PIN in-person or over the phone. Call 218-739-5286 to reach Viking Library System headquarters or contact your local library for help resetting your PIN. You will need to provide the staff member with other identifying information to ensure you are the cardholder and are authorized to access the account.


What if I do not have an email address on my library card record?

You will need an email address on record in order to reset your PIN. To add an email address to your library card record or if you do not have an email address and need help resetting your PIN, contact Viking Library System headquarters at 218-739-5286 or your local library for assistance recovering or resetting your PIN.


What if I do not have a telephone number on file at the library?

Please contact Viking Library System by phone (218-739-5286) or contact your local library for assistance adding a 4-digit PIN to your account . You will be unable to access your account through the library online catalog without a PIN beginning Wednesday, January 5, 2022.


Will I need to use my PIN for OverDrive, Hoopla, Libby, Summer Reading, or other 3rd party applications?

No; not at this time.

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