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Library Stories

We all love our libraries and we know how important they are. Real life stories from people who use the libraries in our region help us better explain just why strong libraries are more critical now than ever before.

If you have your own library story or have permission to share someone else's please share your story with us using this very short Google form, no log in required. The link takes you to a redirect, so click through to get to the form. And thank you for sharing your story!

Crime and Punishment was the first grownup book I ever checked out of the library as a teenager; now I have a PhD in Russian literature.



My soul is happy when I go to the library, sometimes I just enter to see books...being there is enough to make me feel good, complete.


Queens, Manhattan

I was lucky enough to have a public library stocked with books on the craft of comics; had I not discovered those books, I never would've had the knowledge of how to pursue a career in cartooning.

Jeff Kinney

Author, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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