Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: The mission of Viking Library System is to connect people with the information they need in the format they desire in order that they may function successfully in a rapidly changing world. These connections are provided by eleven member public libraries, mobile service units, and region-wide programs designed to support, complement and extend the resources of all.

Vision Statement: Viking Library System will be a dynamic organization connecting our users and our member libraries to the world. In addition to continuing to provide the highest quality traditional library services, Viking Library System will serve as a catalyst for change in the following ways:

Viking Library System will

  • be a leader in customer responsiveness
  • strive to increase the visibility of all services
  • remain attuned to the future by responding appropriately to new technology
  • seek to continuously improve all services by identifying and responding to both general and targeted audiences within the regional system

Viking Library System
1915 Fir Avenue West • Fergus Falls, MN 56537